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As a coach, doctor, or sports expert, you are aware of the importance of details. In the SportDiary system, every athlete's data and performance can be meticulously tracked, from anthropometric data to mental abilities. You can create personalized training programs and rehabilitation protocols that not only improve performance but also promote athletes' well-being. Build a sports community with SportDiary where every member's development and health are top priorities.


The system follows athletes' assessments according to a categorized criterion system by sport. This serves the needs of clubs, coaches, and athletes in a specialized manner.

  • Events
    • Schedules
    • Matches
    • Attendance

    The event management module organizes and manages sports associations' competitions, matches, and other sporting events. This tool ensures accurate attendance tracking, schedule management, and provides a comprehensive view of the association's event calendar.

  • Teams
    • Composition Editing
    • Position Editing
    • Statistics

    The team management module helps associations manage team compositions and player positions. Coaches can directly view and update team members' profiles, including performance data and statistics, which are crucial for promoting teams' development and success.

  • Trainings
    • Training Logs
    • Training Plans

    The training module supports coaches in recording all aspects of training sessions, developing training plans, and tracking athletes' training activities. This feature is key for continuous monitoring of athletes' progress and enables coaches to create personalized training programs.

  • Athletes
    • Performance
    • Data
    • Injuries

    The athlete data management module provides a database where coaches can store and analyze athletes' personal and sports performance data. The module ensures data security and accessibility within the team, enabling efficient management of athletes' information.

What is SportDiary?


A computerized registry system for associations that can manage athletes' sports diagnostics data and administrative records in a common database. The combined management of these two areas is a great help to the leaders and staff of the association. For different tasks, there is no need to create and copy data into spreadsheets over and over again; the system provides the information in a tabular form ready for the tasks.

SportDiary is an online program, so it does not require installation and is accessible from anywhere. This greatly simplifies its use. It's enough to provide a computer with internet access for assessments, and data can be recorded continuously. If this is not possible, then recording can be done later anywhere. Analyses, evaluations, and team lists are also available anywhere and at any time.

What can SportDiary be used for?

Primarily, SportDiary can realize the registration of athletes of clubs and academies, which also includes storing data of other individuals working alongside the athletes. Coaches, doctors, and other assistants are included here.

Athletes' assessments contain a lot of data. The system manages these in an organized and filterable form. The assessments include evaluations, and the program can show all this retrospectively for years.

In addition to the above, the system also supports the enrollment processes. After evaluating the assessments of athletes applying for admission, the system makes a suggestion regarding the admission, but the final decision is not the task of the program.

How and in what does the administrative part help?

SportDiary provides significant assistance in managing teams and seasons, as well as in personnel records. We said individuals because although managing athletes is the biggest task, the system also manages coaches, doctors, administrators. Usually, the latter are the ones who can manage the data through an authorization system.


  • Management of individuals
  • Document management
  • Defining teams
  • Planning seasons
  • Recording training sessions
  • Organizing matches/competitions
  • Assignment of athletes
  • Personal calendars
  • Team calendars
  • Venue (hall) calendars

Employment analysis

  • Analysis of active days
  • Examination of inactive days
  • Counting training days
  • Tracking match days
  • Recording sick leaves
  • Determining rest days
  • Period-specific summary

Training performance

  • Storage of training evaluation materials
  • Management of PDF format documents
  • Evaluation of participants
  • Import of data from performance measurement tools
  • Data storage and management

Match performance

  • Management of match evaluation materials
  • Storage of PDF format documentation
  • Evaluation of match participants
  • Performance measurement data import
  • Data management systems

Equipment and warehouses

  • Equipment inventory
  • Usage logging
  • Management of association inventory
  • Tracking equipment usage
  • Inventory system


  • Managing an injury log
  • Recording diagnoses
  • Documenting treatment plans
  • Attaching medical documents
  • Management of health records


  • Organizing discussions
  • Planning meetings
  • Managing invitations
  • Keeping records of participants
  • Creating calendar entries


  • Recording financial contributions
  • Administering membership fees
  • Tracking payments
  • Cost planning for training/matches
  • Breakdown of costs per athlete
  • Management of payments
  • Handling multiple currencies

Local surveys

  • Free definition of surveys
  • Creation of evaluation matrices
  • Customizability
  • Adaptability to local conditions

Parental information

  • Providing contact access
  • Sharing athlete data
  • Availability of schedules
  • Direct flow of information
  • Involvement of parents/supporters

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of evaluation systems that facilitate outstanding performance in athletes at all levels.

Survey & Evaluation

Athletes' surveys can be evaluated categorically and comprehensively, based on pre-set evaluations by position and age group.



From the measured sizes of athletes at a given age, the expected adult final state can be estimated based on reference tables, and it can be decided how advantageous this result is in the given sport. We can measure many data, but the given sport only uses a smaller part of them.


Body Statics

This area examines posture, the harmony of joints and skeletal structure, as well as muscle balance. For its determination, postural analyses, that is, posture examinations can be performed, and the results compared with the ideal posture of the given sport. Body statics can be a good indicator of the risk of injuries and biomechanical efficiency.


Physical Condition

This includes the examination of endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, and coordination. General and specific tests can be applied, measuring the physical attributes necessary for the given sport. For example, endurance and speed may play a prominent role in a footballer, while strength and explosiveness are decisive in a weightlifter.


Sport-Specific Skills

Here we specifically evaluate the technical and tactical skills required for the given sport, as well as sport-specific forms of movement. These are often measured with special tests, sports simulations, where athletes demonstrate their abilities in specific game-like or competitive conditions.


Mental State

During sports psychological evaluation, we assess concentration ability, stress tolerance, motivation, competition and performance anxiety, as well as individual and team dynamics. These can be assessed with psychological tests, interviews, and observation. The mental state can be crucial in an athlete's performance and development.

What's Next?

We have reached a stage in development where we would like to expand our system in a specialized manner, which we can guarantee on a semi-annual basis by sport.

We are looking for experts who have in-depth knowledge of the peculiarities of sports, and who not only play a key role in system development but also contribute to the involvement of new participants through their network.

We realize our cooperation within individual contractual frameworks.

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